CV (my life in time order)

2015 start of an own small business: stut-it
2007-13 vocational training of two IT specialists in system integration (Fachinformatiker Systemintegration)
2004 marriage with Marion
1998-today several volunteer web projects
1996-97 theoretical part of a Master of Data Communication Systems via Brunel University, West London, Department of Electrical Engineering & Electronics - 17 weekends (Friday/Saturday) in the Technische Akademie Esslingen, plus exams and home assignments
1991-today employment as IT specialist in the Deutscher Gemeinschafts-Diakonieverband, Marburg.
1989-91 attempting a dissertation on generation of user interfaces at the chair of Prof. Eickel at the TU Munich, funded by a grant of Siemens. I aborted the dissertation (others did too), because my thoughts were too practical and not formal enough. My ideas (connect the user interface to the application by method calls similar to object oriented programming) were said to be good, but not expressed formally enough - too much like an engineer, too little like a mathematician. The project has been finished by others.
1987-88 ran a small software company, together with the CEO of the toy importer. Main source of revenue was a PC program to utilize a Telex box
1985-88 side job: renewing (programming) of the order processing system (HP 260, multiuser BASIC Interpreter) of a toy importer and wholesale (Jockline)
1983-88 studying computer science with minor subject of economics at the Technical University of München. graduating as Diplom-Informatiker (comparable to a Master's degree)
1982-83 two terms of 6 months of work/internship in the central research laboratory of Fuji Electric in Yokosuka, Japan with emphasis on computer simulation of integrated circuits, including programming in FORTRAN
1982 contact with german missionaries in Tokyo has significant impact on long term perspectives
1981 3 months of intensive course in Japanese language
1981-83 living in Japan together with my parents (my father worked there for Fuji Electronic Components (FEC), a Joint Venture of Siemens and Fuji Electric)
1980 driving license, vehicles up to 7,5 tons
1976 amateur radio license (call sign: DF2CG), including morse code and the permission to transmit on shortwave
1972-81 Gymnasium (high variant of high school) in Olching (neighboring village)
foreign languages: English (grades 5-13) and Latin (grades 7-11)
major subjects: mathematics and physics
1968-72 elementary school in Gröbenzell near Munich
1962 born in Munich, Germany as the only child of
Lieselotte Stut (kindergarten teacher) and
Hans Stut (electronics engineer, specialized in power semiconductors, working at Siemens, he died in early 1995).
Nationality: German
native language: German