My name is Martin Stut. I live in Marburg, Germany and am married to Marion. After studying Computer Science at the Technical University of Munich, I'm working as an IT expert at the Deutscher Gemeinschafts-Diakonieverband in Marburg. Since 2015, I'm operating a small IT business (stut-it.net), so I am available for services at a reasonable hourly rate.

I am a Christian since 1982, which means that I believe in Jesus Christ, the son of God. He loves me so much that he took the punishment for my wrongdoings (and everybody's who is willing to accept that) by dying on the cross. Because Jesus is risen from the dead, he is the way to a bright future: eternal life. Jesus taught us to love each other and to spread his Good News (a.k.a. The Gospel). Thus I am continuously looking for ways to help others to spread the good news – "to serve the servants". God gave me some understanding of information technology, therefore I am helping Christian organizations to plan, setup and maintain their networks, web sites etc.

When planning IT systems, I take care to keep them simple and manageable. This could mean that not all technological possibilities are used, but the reward is a system where everyone involved knows what it does and why it is doing what it is doing. In the long run, this simplicity saves a lot of work - one Lutheran Convent with about 40 client PCs manages with only one day per month of my assistance. Users are therefore willing to drop little extras like automatic absence notifications by email.

Often such simple, manageable system can be set up from components that are freely available in source code, so-called Open Source Software. I prefer to use servers with Debian Linux. The Samba file service has been well tried and talks stably to Windows clients. Dovecot IMAP servers are replacing large parts of the mail functionality of Exchange, at a small fraction of the effort. NextCloud serves to coordinate files, appointments and tasks in a team.

Every now and them I'm writing about thoughts and findings in my blog at stut-it.net .